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Common Registration Issues

  • Common Registration Issues

    • Courses such as AG 1445, COMM 1310 and PHIL 1320 may require you to register for both a lecture and a lab section. The lectures and labs for these courses are on the same registration page. Labs will typically have a section number with an ‘L’. To register, follow the steps below:

        • Select a lecture section.
        • Click the 'View Linked' button
        • Linked sections will display
        • Click 'Back To Search Results'
        • Click the 'Add' buttons for the lecture and lab sections that you want to add.
        • Once both classes are in your 'Summary' section, click 'Submit'

      Courses such as NUTR 1362, NUTR 1162, PHYS 1315, PHYS 1115 will require you to register for both the lecture and lab section simultaneously. These courses will require you to utilize the “add" function separately in the registration system, since the lab and course sections are listed separately.

       To register, follow the steps below:

        • Select a lecture section
        • Use the 'Add' button to add the lecture to your 'Summary'
        • Click 'Search Again'
        • Search and Select your desired Lab section
        • Use the 'Add' button to add the lecture to your 'Summary'
        • Both the lecture and lab section should now be in your 'Summary'
        • At the bottom of the page click “Submit”
        • Student classification is based on the number of credit hours completed (not including any hours you are currently in the process of earning).  
          • Freshman-Completed fewer than 30 credit hours
          • Sophomore-Completed 30-59 credit hours
          • Junior-Completed 60-89 credit hours
          • Senior-Completed 90 or more credit hours
        • The course you are attempting to register for requires a certain classification that you have not met (e.g., most 3000-4000 level courses require at least junior status).
        • Your options at this time are to:
          • Register for alternative courses in your degree plan by referring to your Degree Audit or consulting an academic advisor.
          • Contact your advisor if there is an error and you do in fact have more credit hours completed than what your classification status reflects so that we can look into the problem.


    • The section of the course you are attempting to register for does not have any seats available. Your options at this point include:

          • Select a different section of the same course that does have available seats (e.g., class may meet at a different day and time)
          • Register for an alternative course that fits into your degree plan and take the closed class in a different semester.
          • Continue re-visiting the registration site to check the course's seat availability throughout the remainder of each registration period. Academic Calendar.
          • Register for the waitlist (if the course has a waitlist in the registration system). Waitlist Instructions
          • Contact the academic department that offers the course to inquire about options for submitting closed class requests (if no waitlist exists).
    • You can view the prerequisite requirements for the course you are attempting to register for by clicking the title of the course that you have looked up. You will be able to select to view either Corequisites or Prerequisites. Both types show the same error message.

      Since there are often a number of different prerequisite requirements for a course, you should start by determining which prerequisite(s) in that list the system may be identifying you as being deficient of.

      From there your options are:

          • Register for an alternative course.
            If you realize upon viewing the prerequisites that you indeed do not meet the prerequisites for that course, most likely you should be working on taking the appropriate coursework this semester so that you will meet those prerequisites at a later date.  You may refer Degree Audit for course options in your degree plan.
          • Request a prerequisite override.
            If you meet the prerequisites for the course with transfer credit that has not yet posted to your Texas State Transcript, you will need to provide PROOF OF COMPLETION to the academic department of the class and request the override from that department (i.e. for a MATH course, provide proof to the Department of Mathematics and request the override from them). Proof of Completion could be a printout of your unofficial transcript from the transfer institution.

            If you meet the prerequisites for the course because of a course substitution or special exception that the registration system does not automatically identify, you will need to submit a Prerequisite Override Request to the academic department that offers the class.


    • The course you are attempting to register for conflicts with something else you have already added to your schedule.  You can review your current schedule while in the 'Schedule' block (will display once you have added at least one course to your 'Summary') or select the 'Schedule and Options'.

      Your options are to:

          • Select a different section of the course you are attempting to add so that there is no longer a time conflict
          • Drop the conflicting course from your current schedule, select a different section of that original course, then proceed with adding the new course as desired

      If multiple courses you need are offered only at conflicting times, you should consult with your advisor to determine which course is more urgent for you to take this semester.


    • Department Approval is required for certain courses and for certain sections of courses for a variety of reasons. 

      A general rule of thumb: If you don't know why a certain course or a certain section of a course requires department approval, you are probably not supposed to be registering for that class.

      A few options available to you are:

          • Try registering for a different section of the same course
            If several sections exist for a single course, it is very likely that one or some of the sections will be designated for special purposes and for unique student groups (i.e. University Honors program, Varsity athletes, Round Rock campus, Majors only, etc.) but other sections of the course are open to everyone else.
          • If all sections of the course require department approval and you believe you should be taking the course, you should contact the academic department to ask about receiving a Department Override (e.g., for a MATH course, contact the Department of Mathematics; for an ENG course, contact the Department of English, etc.)