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Applied Arts Change of Curriculum Form

This form is for students wanting to change their curriculum to a degree program in the College of Applied Arts only. If you are wanting to change to a program outside of the College of Applied Arts, please contact the corresponding Advising Center.

Students receiving Financial Aid are strongly encouraged to speak with The Financial Aid Office regarding how a change of major can potentially impact their aid. Students should also be aware that changes of major that result in a loss of credit and/or new requirements can potentially put them at risk for tuition for excessive undergraduate hours.

Can review Major Options and Minor Options.

I want to: *
Choose whether to change your current major, add a second major, or only update your minor(s)
Replace current major with selected major below
Keep current major and add a second major/dual degree – select one below
Keep current major and add/drop minor(s)
Choose from the list of all possible majors within the College of Applied Arts
A Minor is required for the Major you selected - see above for list of Minor Options
Some majors require specific minors. No minor is allowed in the BAAS degree.
By checking this box, I acknowledge that my advisor has the right to determine the best Catalog Year for my Change of Curriculum. *
By checking this box, I acknowledge that this curriculum change could impact my eligibility for the following offices: Financial Aid and Scholarships, Athletics, or Veterans Affairs. I understand that I am responsible for consulting the offices that apply to me to determine how curriculum changes will affect me PRIOR to the completion of this form. I also understand that changing my major/minor may result in additional charges related to the tuition for excessive hours policy and/or make me ineligible for the tuition rebate upon graduation. *