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Capstone Eligibility Form (OCED 4360 & OCED 4361)

This form is for Applied Arts and Sciences majors who are on track to graduate during the fall 2023 semester. Once you submit this form the advising center will determine:

1. If you are on track to meet all remaining degree requirements during the fall 2023 semester.

2. If you will have no more than 12 credit hours remaining after summer 2023. This includes OCED 4360 and OCED 4361, which are 6 credit hours.

3. Your request will be processed within 5 business days of submission. If approved, an email will be sent to your Texas State email account indicating which sections of OCED 4360 and OCED 4361 you have been approved to register. 

4. If your request is denied you will be notified via your Texas State email account with the reasons why your request could not be honored.

Please check your Texas State email account regularly, as the advising center may need to contact you for clarification of your intentions.


If you are not currently enrolled and did not attend Texas State in the previous long semester (fall or spring) you are considered inactive and will need to reapply to the institution. * *

For more information about the readmission process for former Texas State University Students, please visit the Returning Students Admissions Page.


I understand that if at anytime prior to the fall 2023 semester I am no longer on track to graduate in the fall 2023 semester I will be asked to drop OCED 4360 and 4361.